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One of National Geographic’s most dynamic storytellers, Mattias Klum is available to lead inspiring multimedia presentations worldwide. He has given over 2,500 lectures to date, to audiences ranging from: Clinton Global Initiative, Chautauqua Institution, Swedish Government, National Geographic Society, Nikon, The Nature Conservancy, Tällberg Foundation, Apple, Audi and IKEA, among others. His presentations may be tailored, or centered around the following sample topics. For more information, or to book Mattias Klum as a keynote speaker for your event, please contact: info[a]mattiasklum.com.


“Eloquent, energetic, and incredibly animated in his presentations, Mattias will leap around the stage—and even into the audience if you'll allow him—as he brings to life his adventures with National Geographic.  At the same time, he delivers not only powerful images but also an important message that really resonates with what's going on in the world today. Those qualities as a performer, along with his willingness to tailor his presentation to the client's needs, make Mattias Klum a great choice as a speaker.”


- Andy van Duym, Director of National Programs, National Geographic Live!



“We have had a number of excellent speakers... but never before have 600 people given a standing ovation to our speaker. Our only problem is what do we do next year to follow this?”


- Rob Moher, VP Marketing & Development, Conservancy of Southwest Florida (2006)



"I can't begin to tell you what an impact you made on my colleagues, and what a fantastic inspiration you were to us all. I could almost feel the energy you breathed into the audience, and the effect on the break-out work was clear and strong… Many of our project leaders recognised quickly the parallel between your experiences and their work, and they identified strongly with what you said. I don't think I've seen an inspirational speaker have such a strong positive effect on an audience as you did. …what you said and did fitted together perfectly with our program and our intentions, even more than we imagined." 


- Mark, Astra Zeneca



Watch Mattias Klum's recent NG Live lecture at National Geographic Society in Washington:

Through the Eyes of a Critic: Photographing Galápagos, Revenge of the Meerkat,

Mattias Klum: Lions, Leeches and Cobra Tongues and Face Off with a Lion.


Popular Presentations:

Being There: Inspiring Conservation of our Natural World

Specializing in portraying and interpreting threatened environments, species, and cultures, Klum reports from the field with vivid images, film clips and compelling stories that stir emotions and inspire action. Sharing highlights and recent assignments with National Geographic and around the world, this sweeping journey takes us from such remote locations as Borneo’s rainforests and the coral reefs of Irian Jaya, to Iceland’s glaciers and pioneering expeditions in South America, demonstrating the power of images paired with impirical knowledge to bridge the gap between what we know and how we feel and act.

The Big Picture

For 10,000 years we have lived on a stable planet with favorable environmental conditions, but in the last 50 we may have stretched the Earth’s resilience to its breaking point. While many agree that the next 10 years will be critical, there is still hope for change. Based on a new book co-authored with Prof. Dr. Johan Rockström, Klum brings us striking new aerials, high definition video footage, and an on-the-ground account of the current state of our planet. With passion and optimism, he illustrates what we still have worth fighting for, and shows us the little things we can all do to have a big impact on securing our sustainable future.

Growth Strategies: It’s A Jungle Out There

Owing part of his success to time spent without his camera, Klum meets with corporate audiences and stakeholders in society worldwide to share universal strategies on leading and motivating a team, developing talent, and strengthening the core of a sustainable business organization. From interns to CEOs—like a healthy ecosystem—we all serve as critical links in the chain.

Mattias Klum


Photo: Dan Beaupré


Photo: Samuel Svensäter

Photo: Samuel Svensäter









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