Mattias ambassador for The Swedish Water & Wastewater Association

Anna Linusson, CEO at Svenskt Vatten AB, and Mattias Klum. Photo: Elisabeth Ohlson Wallin

Anna Linusson, CEO at Svenskt Vatten AB, and Mattias Klum. Photo: Elisabeth Ohlson Wallin

The Swedish Water & Wastewater Association, SWWA, was set up by the municipalities in 1962 to assist with technical, economic and administrative issues and to represent the interests of the municipalities in negotiations with authorities and other organisations on regulations. Mattias and SWWA will work together to educate and raise awareness of the value of water and the need for long term sustainable solutions.

Mattias and Johan Rockström at House of Sweden

Mattias and Prof. Johan Rockström were at House of Sweden last week and held a lecture on the topics of their latest book, Big World Small Planet. They were also part of a panel discussion moderated by Dr. Andrew Steer, President & CEO of the World Resources Institute, regarding how we should approach our responsibilities after the climate agreement signed in Paris last year.

Photo: House of Sweden

Photo: House of Sweden

Mattias part of new government delegation

Mattias has been appointed an honorable assignment from The Government of Sweden together with six others, to support and stimulate Sweden's implementation of UN's 2030 Agenda for sustainable development. The Chair and members of the delegation together have a wide range of skills and experience. Issues they have worked on include human rights, CSR, culture, the environment, local government, public authorities, business, civil society, research and international development work.

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Mattias in Costa Rica

Mattias is right now in Costa Rica in collaboration with Äventyrsresor where he travels amongst the rainforest with a small group of people for a week and have workshops and seminars. The next trip of this kind is in November and will take place in Zimbabwe. Keep an eye out for tickets!

Read more about the trip he is on right now here. (Only in Swedish.)