Mattias at COP-21


By preserving and respecting the remaining beauty on this planet we actually secure long term sustainable success for mankind! The only safe path ahead is to love and enjoy nature in a more thoughtful way anchored in science and "common sense"!


Mattias is right now in Paris at Cop 21 to talk about this together with his friend Professor Johan Rockström.


Also check out their book "Big World Small Planet" here.

Mattias Klum

Photo: Mattias Klum



Article at the Washington Post "In Sight"


Today the Washington Post’s photography blog, In Sight posted an article by Nicole Crowder called “How palm oil cultivation in Borneo is threatening the ecosystem everywhere”.

In Sight is The Washington Post’s new photography blog showcasing visual narratives. 

Read the full article here!

Mattias Klum



Captures reality in a surreal way!


Mattias has been nominated by the Swedish local news paper in his home town, UNT, to the greatest cultural profile in Uppsala in modern time! 


"I'm probably not the only one fascinated by his "cool pictures", if I may express myself a little bit sloppy. Isn’t it some sort of outstanding wow-effect over his, sometimes verging on the surreal, photos of reality? How he manages to bring us as viewers so incredibly close to animals and environments that most of us never have had the chance to experience in real life.” (Jens Pettersson, Uppsala Nya Tidning, 19 November 2015)


Read more and vote for Mattias here!

Mattias Klum

Photo: Staffan Claesson



Mattias will be a guest at Naturmorgon tomorrow! 


Tomorrow at 6.10 AM, CET, Mattias will be a guest at the Swedish radio show "Naturmorgon" at P1 Sveriges Radio. Please tune in! (Only in Swedish)



More info here!




Mattias is giving a lecture at Uppsala University Hall.


Welcome to Scandinavia's largest lecture in entrepreneurship in association with Anders Wall. Tomorrow Mattias will give a lecture in his hometown Uppsala.


More info here.

See the lecture streaming live here! (Only in swedish)














Mattias Klum



Lecture at Green Summit New York


Mattias will speak at the Swedish-American chamber of commerce´s annual New York Green Summit Gala Award Dinner on Wednesday November 11th and at Citi (388 Greenwich Street), 13:30-13:50 on Thursday November 12th.


Click here to learn more.

Mattias Klum



Mattias at Fotomässan!


Don’t miss Mattias at Fotomässan (The Photo Fair in Stockholm) tomorrow! At 12.30 he will be interviewed by the Swedish magazine Kamera & Bild in their live studio and at 13.15 he will be giving a lecture on the big stage. After the lecture Mattias will be signing his and Prof. Johan Rockströms new book “ Big World Small Planet” in Nikon's booth.

If you don’t have the opportunity to come, you can tune in at 12.30 to watch the live interview

with Mattias online here (only in Swedish).


Buy your tickets to Fotomässan (The Photo Fair in Stockholm) here.



Mattias Klum

Photo: Samuel Svensäter



Mattias and Rockström on channel France24


A few weeks before the COP21 summit in Paris, the renowned news channel France24 offers a special program, where the French journalist Stéphanie Antoine travels to Sweden to meet prof. Johan Rockström and Mattias to talk about global challenges and of course their new book; "Big World Small Planet". 



Watch the video here!
















Mattias Klum





This is Mattias' #EarthStatement. Join this call for bold climate action: take a selfie of your signature, share & nominate. 


Click here to read more and take action! 
























Mattias Klum



Lecture in Stockholm coming up!


How is it possible to create a positive future for both humanity and Earth?


Come and listen to Mattias Klum and enjoy his award winning photography at Aula Magna in Stockholm arranged by Medborgarskolan.With a profound global change, we can achieve a sustainable future...


A warm welcome to Aula Magna the 3rd of November in Stockholm!


Click here to learn more and buy tickets!



Mattias Klum

Photo: Mattias Klum



BWSP in The New York Times!


Today The New York Times published an article by Thomas L. Friedman called “Stuff Happens to the Environment, Like Climate Change”. In this political article, with climate change as main topic, the author is strongly recommending reading our latest book “Big World Small Planet”!


“If you have time to read one book on this subject, I highly recommend the new 'Big World, Small Planet', by Johan Rockstrom, director of the Stockholm Resilience Center, and Mattias Klum, whose stunning photographs of ecosystem disruptions reinforce the urgency of the moment.” (Thomas L. Friedman 2015, New York Times) 


Read the full article here!


Buy the book here!







Mattias Klum



Big World Small Planet featured in Washington Post!


Today Washington Post did a beautiful coverage of Johan Rockström's and Mattias new book "Big World Small Planet". The book was released Sept. 22 by Yale University Press.


"By embracing a “deep mind-shift,” Rockström and Klum have set out to demonstrate how humanity can reconnect to Earth, discover universal values and take on the essential role of planetary steward through magnificent photos of the Earth’s land, sea and animals." By Nicole Crowder, Washington Post.


Read the article here! 




















Mattias Klum

Photo: Mattias Klum



New exhibition at Clarion Hotel Arlanda Airport!


Mattias Klum's new exhibition at Clarion Hotel Arlanda Airport is a tribute to two great ape species having a special place in Mattias’ heart: mountain gorillas and orangutans. In two separate corridors on the thirteenth floor, guests and other interested visitors can explore these enchanted rain forests and become acquainted with these majestic animals. With this exhibition Klum wants to shed light on the importance of the rain forests, from Asia to Africa, with all its inhabitants.



Clarion Hotel Arlanda Airport

Tornvägen 2

190 45 Stockholm Arlanda , Sverige


Travel directions click here!




















Mattias Klum

Photo: Mattias Klum



New Book!


Big World Small Planet- Abundance within Planetary Boundaries


September 22 Yale University Press will publish the English version of prof. Johan Rockström’s and Mattias’ book Big World Small Planet - Abundance within Planetary Boundaries.


“In this extraordinary book, the authors combine the latest science with compelling storytelling and amazing photography to create a new narrative for humanity’s future. Johan Rockström and Mattias Klum reject the notion that economic growth and human prosperity can only be achieved at the expense of the environment. They contend that we have unprecedented opportunities to navigate a “good Anthropocene.” By embracing a deep mind-shift, humanity can reconnect to Earth, discover universal values, and take on the essential role of planetary steward. With eloquence and profound optimism, Rockström and Klum envision a future of abundance within planetary boundaries—a revolutionary future that is at once necessary, possible, and sustainable for coming generations.”

—Yale University Press


“Through compelling science and inspiring photography Big World, Small Planet achieves the mind-shift space travelers experience when looking at Earth from space: we, humanity, need to become responsible stewards of our small planet. This book is all you need for heart and brain to be convinced of the virtue of a transformation to a world that thrives within planetary boundaries.”

—Richard Branson, Virgin Group


“Our future hangs in the balance. We are inflicting grave damage on Planet Earth, and if we carry on with ‘business as usual’ we may reach the point of no return—when ecosystems collapse and more and more species become extinct. There is hope if only we can bridge the gap between the clever human brain and the compassionate human heart and act now. Johan Rockström and Mattias Klum lead the way with scientific clarity, powerful storytelling, and inspiring and award-winning photography.”

—Dr. Jane Goodall



Read more about the book here!


Buy the Swedish version from Maxström here!


Visit Big World Small Planet's official webpage!


Mattias Klum




World Water Week


As many of you might already know, World Water Week's activities are approaching. As a kick-off for this important week, Mattias will give a lecture this Sunday 23/8-15. In a visionary presentation, he will through the lens of this year’s theme “Water for Development”, share his experiences from around the world in images. 


This event will be open to the public.


Click here to go to the event!


Click here to get additional information about the event and for ticket information!

Mattias Klum

Photo: Mattias Klum



Världar av Liv at Malmö Arena!


Tomorrow Mattias will inaugurate his latest exhibition “Världar av Liv” by giving a seminar at Malmö Arena! “The exhibition describes the earth's beauty, but also its fragility and will be a powerful statement in the environmental debate. "Världar av Liv” will be one of the largest exhibitions ever made with Mattias Klum's world-famous photographs, and will also contain photos never shown in public venues before.“- Malmö Arena


Buy your tickets to the grand opening/seminar here!

Read more here (Only in Swedish

Mattias Klum

Photo: Mattias Klum



Support the IUCN Red List!


Dear friends, please do like Mattias and his team and take a few minutes of your time to support IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature). The IUCN Red List is the leading information source on the conservation status of the world's wild species. By supporting the Red List you're supporting the conservation of threatened species.


Click here or on the image to the right to support the IUCN Red List!



Mattias Klum

Photo: www.support.iucnredlist.org



"Big World Small Planet" in The Guardian!


Read about Mattias and Prof. Johan Rockström’s new book “Big World Small Planet” in The Guardian!

“Johan Rockström and Mattias Klum reveal the current state of nine planetary boundaries, including freshwater use, land-system change and climate change in a new book Big World Small Planet” - The Guardian

Read the full article “We have three chances to change the world for the better in 2015” here!

View the gallery “Pushing Earth beyond its natural limits - in pictures” here!

Mattias Klum




Big World Small Planet has now a webpage!


Please be sure to visit the brand new website for Mattias and Prof. Rockström's latest book "Big World Small Planet". At the website you can read more about the book, the key messages, the authors, look at some of the images from the book and and buy the "Big World Small Planet" online.


Click here to visit the new site!

Mattias Klum

Photo: Mattias Klum



Nat Geo's Explorers week


Mattias has just returned back home from Nat Geo's Explorers week (Explorers Symposium) in Washington, where he met his fellow explorers and gave a lecture. Now he is off to Stockholm to a wonderful Royal weeding.


Read more about Nat Geo's Explorers week here!

Mattias Klum



Lecture with Dr. Jane Goodall and Prof. Rockström


Mattias had the privilege last week to share the stage with his friend amazing Dr. Jane Goodall in collaboration with another friend doing great things for planet and people, Professor Johan Rockström. All proceeds from their joint performance in Stockholm Sweden go to the Jane Goodall Institute Sweden.

Mattias and Johan's presentation was based on their new book Big World Small Planet. The book argues that the world needs a new positive narrative about the links between human development and the environment. This is a story of new opportunities for humanity to thrive on the planet by using ingenuity, core values, and humanism to become wise stewards of nature and the entire planet.

Jane Goodall Institute

Big World Small Planet

Mattias Klum

Photo: : www.cawamedia.wordpress.com



Why should we care- and act


On June 1st – 2nd 2015 the second annual EAT Stockholm Food Forum has welcomed representatives from the global community of stakeholders in food, health and sustainability. This morning Mattias held a lecture called ”Why should we care- and act”.  

Mattias Klum

Photo: EAT 2015 Johan Lygrellm



H.R.H. Victoria and National Geographic Society


H.R.H. Victoria, Crown Princess of Sweden, had a meeting on global sustainability with Mattias Klum, Terry Adamson and Gary Knell from the National Geographic Society today.


























Mattias Klum




Jane Goodall visiting Sweden!


Don’t miss the rare opportunity to listen to primatologist Dr. Jane Goodall, Prof. Johan Rockström and me when we’re giving a unique lecture next Friday. The lecture will be held at Clarion Hotel Sign, Banquet Hall, Stockholm on Friday 5/6-15 at 18:00.


Buy tickets here!

Mattias Klum

Photo: Mattias Klum



Arctic- hot or cold?


Tomorrow Mattias will share the stage with Ambassador Mark Brzezinski at the House of Sweden, Washington D.C.The topic is the overall understanding of how climate change and human activity impact the Arctic environment. The seminar is jointly organized by the Swedish Ministry for Foreign Affairs, the Swedish Polar Research Secretariat, the Embassy of Sweden in Washington, DC, and the Centre for Strategic International Studies (CSIS).



Mattias Klum

Photo: Mattias Klum



The Contemplator has been awarded!


The grand jury of NYF International Television & Film Awards Winners has spoken! Our film the Contemplator has won a World Medal in the category "Documentaries" and were one of the finalists in best writing.


Read more here!




Mattias Klum


Heading to Zurich!


Mattias is now heading to Zurich to give a lecture for Nordea on the topic "Earning our sustainable future". (Image - A river silted with sulphite wanders across the volcanic landscape of Landmannalaugur, Iceland.)

Mattias Klum

Photo: Mattias Klum



Rainforest Alliance- Instagram Takeover!


This week Mattias has been handed the keys to Rainforest Alliance's Instagram. Over the years he has spent a lot of time in different rainforests, meeting numerous incredible species. This week he will share some of the images to support the important work of Rainforest Alliance. Tune in! 


Rainforest Alliance's Instagram
















Mattias Klum



EATx in Abu Dhabi


Tomorrow Mattias will give a lecture at EATx- Middle East and Northern Africa in Abu Dhabi on the current trade-offs between nature conservation/living ecosystems and short-term human needs for food.  


Read more about the event here!

Mattias Klum

Photo: www.eatforum.org




Mattias on The National Geographic Weekend Radio Show


Mattias was recently present at the NG Weekend Radio Show, where he talk about one of his books, The Human Quest. He tells of his love for Borneo and the incredible lengths he has gone to in the past in order to get the stunning images that he does.


Click here to listen to Mattias on NG Weekend Radio Show.



Mattias at the Husky podcast

Last week Mattias was interviewed by the Husky podcast.

Husky is a podcast with focus on adventurers, professional athletes and entrepreneurs.


Click here to listen to the over one hour-long interview with Mattias.

Mattias Klum

Image: Husky Podcast




Travel with Mattias to Galapagos


Later this year Mattias Klum will travel to the Galapagos to explore the wonders of these enchanted islands. Take the opportunity to travel together with Mattias and the travel agency Äventyrsresor and take part in the miracles that Galapagos has to offer.  

Read more at Äventyrsresor (in Swedish)

Mattias Klum

Photo: Mattias Klum



Lecture at FXE!


Today Mattias will give a lecture at the event Food Executive Europe (FXE) in Netherlands. FXE provides a platform for decision makers of the European hospitality industry, focusing on the foodservice, hotel and catering segment. His lecture will be on the subject: ”Earning our sustainable future - The big picture.” To link food, health and sustainability is vital. 




Nine ways to pull the Earth from the brink! 


Essential reading tip! - Nine ways to pull the Earth back from the brink written by Johan Rockström, photos by Mattias. Just like their on going lectures in Davos- this post on World Economic Forum's blog, is about how to navigate towards a safe operating space for man-kind within planetary boundaries.


Click here to read the post!



Mattias Klum

Photo: Mattias Klum



World Economic Forum- Davos!


This week Mattias will, along with Prof. Johan Rockström and Stockholm Resilience Centre, attend the World Economic Forum's annual meeting in Davos. At the meeting they will be hosting seminars around a large touch screen - ”Big Picture: Big World”. Through data visuals and Mattias images they will take the audience through the concept of planetary boundaries and the Anthropocene. They will also be hosting a breakfast meeting on 23 January at Steigenberger Grandhotel Belvédère on planetary boundaries and the pre-launch

of their new book.


Read more here!

Mattias Klum


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