Christmas greetings!


We at Mattias Klum Tierra Grande wish you a Merry Christmas and a sustainable 2015!

Mattias Klum

Photo: Mattias Klum



Mattias at Lindmo!


Don't miss Mattias in NRK's celebrated TV show " Lindmo" 


Click here to watch the show!


(Only in Norwegian and Swedish)  

Mattias Klum



Mattias - One of the Winter Talkers!


The Swedish radio listeners have voted! Mattias is going to be one of Swedish Public Radio's "Winter Talkers" this winter. In this prestigious Swedish radio program 8 hosts have been chosen this winter. They each have around an hour of broadcasting time at their disposal to talk and play music. Twice before, in 2008 and 1997, Mattias has been host in their summer show "Summer Talkers". Now it is time again! Listen to Radio of Sweden, P1, December 29th at 1PM. Please note that this radio show is only held in Swedish. Read more here (Only in Swedish).



Mattias Klum

Photo: Mattias Ahlm/ Sveriges Radio



Inauguration of Norra Länken


Today Mattias have participated in an inauguration of ”Norra Länken”- a new route between Norrtull -Värtan – Frescati in Stockholm, Sweden. Alongside artists like sculptor Pål Svensson and artist Ernst Billgren, he was commissioned to create a permanent photographic- and digital cinema art installation on some of the the walls of the tunnel. Click here to read more! (Ony Swedish)

Mattias Klum

Photo: Trafikverket



National Geographic's exhibition


Tomorrow, Mattias will be part of an inauguration of National Geographic's exhibition at Värmlands Museum in Karlstad. In conjunction with the exhibition Mattias will give a lecture about some his most thrilling and challenging experiences, working for National Geographic Magazine. The inauguration will take place at 12.00 at Värmlands Museum and Mattias' lecture will be held at 13.00. Click here to read more. (Only in Swedish)

Mattias Klum



Dartmouth, the Arctic, the Future


Mattias recently gave a short presentation and participated in a panel discussion about the future of the Arctic hosted by the Mark Brzezinski the U.S. Ambassador to Sweden. The panel discussion was held in order to highlight the cooperation between the United States and Sweden on environmental issues, as well as to exchange best practices on educating and engaging the public on Arctic issues. The US Embassy in Sweden has made a YouTube video of the event.






Mattias have finally become a modern human being....You can now follow him and his work on Instagram(@mattiasklumofficial)! He is now heading back to Galapagos. 




















Mattias Klum

Photo: Mattias Klum



Heading to Rome


Mattias is now heading to Rome to shoot for an upcoming book!
























Mattias Klum

Photo: Samuel Svensäter



New Exhibition- Winter at Oasi Zegna!


This weekend Casa Zegna opens the doors to a brand new exhibition called “Winter at Oasi Zegna: the photography of Mattias Klum”


”The magic of the white season work is celebrated by the National Geographic photographer, who immortalizes the splendor of its snow-capped peaks, the force of the elements and the peacefulness of a landscape frozen under a candid blanket.”



Opening and free workshops for kids on Saturday 18 October, from 4 pm onwards. From 19 October to 23 November, open on Sundays from 2 pm to 6 pm. Entry free. Casa Zegna – Via Marconi 23, Trivero (BI) 


Read more here

Mattias Klum

Photo: Mattias Klum



The IUCN Red List celebrates 50 years!


The International Union for Conservation of Nature, IUCN, is the world’s oldest and largest global environmental network. Their mission is to help the world find pragmatic solutions to our most pressing environmental- and development challenges. This year IUCN celebrates 50 years of the IUCN Red List. This list is widely recognized as the most comprehensive, objective global  approach for evaluating the conservation status of plant and animal species. Watch IUCN good- will ambassador Mattias Klum as he talks about the Red List and learn why this list is of vital importance.


Click here or on the video to the right to watch it!

Read more here!



Environment Prize by the Archdiocese of Uppsala!


Mattias will be awarded the Environment Prize by the Archdiocese of Uppsala.


The motivation:


"Through his pictures, he has opened our eyes to the fantastic world that we live in and have to take responsibility for. By helping us acknowledge the beauty he awakens a desire to take care of the world we have been given. In addition to his photography, he incisively criticizes the recklessness that often characterizes our civilization in relation to the creation."


Read more here (Only in Swedish)


Mattias Klum




Expedition to Mozambique!


For Mattias' team this week has mostly been about packing and preparing the equipment for yet another exciting expedition to Mozambique. They're leaving Sweden with nearly a metric ton of equipment and will be filming for an upcoming international documentary. 

Mattias Klum

Photo: Mattias Klum



Mattias at SVT's summer show!


Mattias will be going down to Gothenburg to do some diving with his security diver and uw-camera assistant Oscar Svensson. While in the beautiful city of Gothenburg August 16, he will be a guest in SVT's summer show with Rickard Olsson. 


Click here to read more! (Only in Swedish)




Tested the plug-in hybrid electric vehicle

- Audi A3 e-tron


This week Mattias also tested the new plug-in hybrid electric vehicle- Audi A3 e-tron in Visby, Gotland. 


Click here to read more! 

Mattias Klum




Almedalen Week 2014!


This week Mattias will participate in panel debates, give interviews and lectures at Almedalen

Week 2014 (Almedagsveckan 2014) in Visby, Gotland.    

Mattias Klum



Inauguration of Living Worlds at

Stockholm Concert Hall!


Tomorrow on June 24, Mattias inaugurates his exhibition called "Living Worlds" at Stockholm Concert Hall. With a selection of images from around the world. This exhibition is like a personal journey to some of Mattias Klums favorite places. 


Cick on the links below to read more:



























Mattias Klum

Photo: Mattias Klum



Consumer Goods Forum


Today Mattias is giving the lecture "The Human Quest, Earning Our Sustainable Future- The Big Picture" at the Consumer Goods Forum in Paris. Happy Swedish midsummer!


Read more here!

Mattias Klum



Lecture with Prof. Rockstöm at Nordens Ark!


Mattias and Professor Johan Rockstöm are going to give a lecture at Nordens Ark today in Gothenburg, Sweden. Nordens Ark is a non-profit foundation working to give threatened species a future and will this weekend celebrate its 25th anniverary. The lecture will not be open to the public.  


Mattias Klum

Photo: Nordensark.se





Lecture in Mullsjö!


Listen to Mattias giving a lecture at the photo festival Mullsjö Fotodagar in Mullsjö, Sweden, tomorrow. At the festival you will also have the chance to take a look at a selection of images from Mattias' latest exhibition Living Worlds. Welcome!


Read more here! (Only in Swedish)

Mattias Klum

Photo: Mattias Klum



Mattias at Swedish TV4


Watch Mattias talking about nature, sustainability and childhood memories... (Only in Swedish) 


Click here or on the video to the left to watch the interview.




EAT Stockholm Food Forum


This evening Mattias will give a lecture called "The remaining beauty on Earth- A prerequisite for human well-being" at the EAT Stockholm Food Forum. At EAT leaders from all over the World will discuss the opportunities and challenges linking food, health and sustainability.


Read more here!



Mattias Klum



Living Worlds at Stockholm Concert Hall!


Don't miss Mattias' exhibition Living Worlds at Stockholm Concert Hall this summer! "We follow Mattias on a journey from the Arctic to the Tropics and meet peculiar creatures of the Galápagos islands. With stunning images from all around the world the exhibition Living Worlds shows us Earth as the living miracle it truly is." (Stockholm Concert Hall)


Open daily 24 June- 23 August 11am-5pm Free admission!

Click on the links to read more:




Mattias Klum

Photo: Mattias Klum




Mattias at NG Live Copenhagen!


Don't miss the opportunity to experience award-winning photography and epic storytelling tomorrow at Mattias' lecture in Frederiksberg, Copenhagen!


Buy your tickets here!





















Mattias Klum

Photo: Mattias Klum



Mattias at National Geographic Live this evening!

Don't miss Mattias Klum at National Geographic Live this evening in Gothenburg at Svenska Mässan! Click on the image or here to watch the clip! 


Buy the last remaining tickets here











Biodiversity and ecosystem services


Mattias talked about the importance of ecosystem services and biodiversity at an event hosted by the Ministry of the Environment (Sweden). Other speakers were the Minister for the Environment Lena Ek and professor Johan Rockström.


Read more here (Only in Swedish)

Watch the full-length presentation here (Only in Swedish) 

Mattias Klum

Photo: Karolina Hedenmo/Regeringskansliet




Filming for a new documentary!


Mattias is currently filming in the beautiful Baltic archipelago together with his longtime friend and assistant Ola Högberg.

Mattias Klum

Photo: Mattias Klum



World Wildlife day today!


The World Wildlife day is a new and very important day to highlight and celebrate! Take amoment and admire and cherish the multitude of wild fauna and flora that we still got left here on planet Earth. The 3rd of Mars is a day to bring attention to the positive impact conservation has, not only on the animals and plants that are endangered, but also how it will benefit us humans. It’s now more important than ever, to together fight against wildlife crimes!



Read more here:  #worldwildlifeday


















Mattias Klum

Photo: Mattias Klum




Mattias joined EAT!


Mattias Klum have joined the advisory board of EAT Stockholm Food Forum."There are forums on nutrition, on health and on sustainability – and now, finally, a forum that incorporates all three fields in a globally effective way: EAT – Stockholm Food Forum is an arena where science, politics and business will be able to share insight and ideas, which in turn can help us reach our common goal of sustainably feeding a healthy world population."


Read more here!

Mattias Klum

Photo: eatforum.org




Lecture at Medborgarskolan!


Don't miss Mattias Klum's lecture "Världar av Liv" at Medborgarskolan in Stockholm on March 25th. At “Världar av Liv” Klum takes us on a journey to some of the world's most thrilling environments.The lecture is based on his newly released book that goes by the same name. Follow Klum on a journey from the Arctic to the Tropics and meet the most peculiar creatures of the Galápagos islands! The lecture "Världar av liv " will be given in Swedish.


Read more and by tickets at here (Only in Swedish)

Mattias Klum

Photo: Mattias Klum




Mattias and Peace Parks saving Rhinos!


Photographer and filmmaker Mattias Klum will, over the next couple of years, take part in some of the Peace Park Foundation's and WWF efforts of saving the remaining Rhinos in Africa.


The United Post Code Lotteries have decided to support The Peace Park Foundation's project "The Rhino Rubicon" in a grand way enabling new techniques to be implemented so that the ruthless poaching can come to an end.


Read more here (Only in Swedish)

Mattias Klum

Photo: Mattias Klum



Världar av Liv - Interview


Watch UR (Swedish Educational Broadcasting Company) interviewing Mattias about his latest book " Världar av Liv"! (Only in Swedish)


Click here to watch the interview! 

Mattias Klum



Mattias at National Geographic Live!


Don't miss this opportunity to experience award-winning photography and epic storytelling on April 24th in Gothenburg at The Swedish Exhibition & Congress Centre (Svenska Mässan - Kongresshallen) and on April 29th in Frederiksberg, Copenhagen at Falconer Salen.


Buy tickets here: DenmarkSweden

Mattias Klum



Mattias inaugurates exhibition


Mattias Klum inaugurates an exhibition on January 23, 2014 at the Swedish Museum of Natural History, (Naturhistoriska Riksmuseet). The exhibition is called En souvenir för livet, (A souvenir for life) and is about the illegal trade in endangered animal and plant species.


The exhibition is produced by the Swedish Museum of Natural History in collaboration with World Wide Fund for Nature WWF, Swedish Customs Service, The Swedish Board of Agriculture and the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency.


Read more here! (Only in Swedish)

Mattias Klum

Photo: Mattias Klum



Sweden Aid Orchestra - En Värld av Liv


On Monday January 20, Mattias will participate in a concert arranged by Sweden Aid Orchestra at UKK (Uppsala Konsert & Kongress) in Uppsala, Sweden. The audience will experience a thrilling journey in music and images that will begin in the Indian Ocean and end in our own seas.


100% of the revenues from the tickets will go to The Swedish Society for Nature Conservation's (Naturskyddsföreningens) work. The goal is to inspire to an active interest in the environmental issues. 

Date and time: There will be two concerts at 19:00 and 21:00 on January 20, 2014. Address: Uppsala Konsert och Kongress AB, Vaksala torg 1, Uppsala Sweden


Read more here! (Only in Swedish)


Buy tickets here! 



Mattias Klum


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