Don't miss the chance to buy Mattias' picture!


Mattias has donated one of his exclusive pictures on the Borneo elephant to Musikhjälpen.

The money will contribute to the fundraising effort for children's right to clean water in the slum areas.


Make your offer on the picture here! (in Swedish)


International buyers accepted!


To be able to put a bid in on Mattias' picture you have to become a member on the Swedish online

commerce services; tradera.com.


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Mattias at Musikhjälpen!


Listen to Mattias on the Swedish radio channel P3 at around 4 PM today (CET)! He will discuss children's right to clean water in the slum areas at Musikhjälpen. (Only in Swedish)


Mattias Klum




Mattias Klum wins "Begriplighetspriset 2012"! 


Today we can announce that Mattias will receive the Comprehensibility Price (Begriplighetspriset)

by the Swedish communication agency Publik! Thank you for all the votes! (Only in Swedish)

Read more:


Mattias Klum



Read Santa Barbara Independent's interview with Mattias!



As we mentioned before Mattias is going to give a lecture in Santa Barbara, 

December 2th.The newspaper Santa Barbara Independent took the opportunity to interview 

Mattias before the upcoming lecture.


"The headlines across the planet proclaim that our wild places are disappearing at an alarming rate, yet you remain optimistic. Why?

We have come to a point where especially scientists, business leaders, and thinkers have come to understand the most challenging issues and that it’s not merely a sacrifice to embark on a more sustainable path but equally a business opportunity. But we need this mind shift quickly. We’re behind schedule!


From my own experience in the developing world, many people don’t recognize the importance of saving nature versus the daily needs of survival. Is that changing?

We need to work on sustainable solutions for poverty alleviation. It’s essential to find ways for people all over the world to become a good citizens by default. If we cannot achieve a reasonably safe environment and safe working and living conditions for the many people, we will certainly have a tough time to implement sustainable change.


Do you find that appreciation for the great outdoors is an innate understanding in the human psyche, or is it something that must be learned? 

I think good and sincere images, films, music, etc. really can move people to feel for our world. However a great firsthand experience is pretty hard to beat. Passionate storytelling might trigger a first visit to realms people have yet to explore — next to us or far, far away."


Read the whole interview here!

Mattias Klum



Watch Mattias and Johan Rockström giving a lecture!


Listen to Mattias and Johan Rockströms talking about the global climate crisis at the annual conference hosted by Swedish Society for Nature Conservation (SSNC).


(Only in Swedish)


Watch at Crosstalks!

"Global warming is a fact. In addition to melting ice, the world faces a number of other significant

environmental challenges in the coming decades. Several of these are acute. The big question 

is how we save the world for future generations and create a sustainable society?"


Crosstalks is a new international academic forum where important topics are being discussed 

on a global scale. Listen to Mattias, Johan Rockström and the other experts when they talk

about what must be done to save our world.


Watch Mattias at Crosstalks here!

Mattias Klum



NG Live Lectures with Mattias in Santa Barbara and Sydney are coming up!


"Take an awe-inspiring journey around the world, featuring unique perspectives on some of

Earth’s natural wonders—including India’s Asiatic lions, African wildlife, Iceland’s glaciers,

the rainforests of Southeast Asia and the Galápagos Islands. Your guide? One of the most

important natural history photographers of our time—and one of National Geographic Live’s

most highly acclaimed speakers."


SANTA BARBARA - December 2th


Don't miss Mattias Klum when he is giving a lecture in Santa Barbara, on

Sunday, December 2th at 3:00 p.m. to 4:30 p.m.



Campbell Hall,

UCSB Santa Barbara, CA, US

93 117 

Telephone: +1 805 893 3535


Buy tickets here for Mattias' lecture in Santa Barbara here!


SYDNEY - December 9th


Mattias Klum will also give lectures at the Sydney Opera House in Australia on Sunday, December 9th at 1:30 p.m. and at 5:30 p.m. 



Sydney Opera House

2 Macquarie Street  

Sydney CBD NSW 2000, Australien

Telephone: +61 2 9250 7111 


Buy tickets for Mattias' lectures in Sydney here!


Mattias Klum




Mattias Klum has been awarded the Lidman Prize!


Mattias Klum has been awarded the Lidman Prize by The Swedish Academy of Verbovisual Information for "excellent information in words and images in various media".


"The photographer and filmmaker Mattias Klum is world-famous for his unique documentation of animals, plants, natural and cultural environments from around the world, mediated through books, documentaries, films, exhibitions, lectures and workshops. His deep commitment to push the enviromental issues makes us understand what really is at stage, but he still is an optimist."


The Swedish Academy of Verbovisual Information's official website.

Mattias Klum



The Comprehensibility Prize


Mattias is nominated for the Comprehensibility Prize (Begriplighetspriset) by the Swedish communication agency Publik.


Click here to vote for Mattias! (Only in Swedish)


Mattias Klum



Mattias Klum has been awarded the Iwan Bolin Prize!



Mattias Klum has been awarded the Iwan Bolin Prize by Stockholms Arbetareinstitutsförening (Stockholm’s

Workers Institute). The award, which was instituted in 2009, is given to Mattias for his outstanding efforts in

promoting the communication between science and society.

Mattias Klum




The sixth and last episode of "Fridlyst" has now been broadcast!


 At 8 PM last Saturday, the sixth and last episode of the successful TV-series Fridlyst was broadcast on Swedish television SVT 1. The episode featured the award winning actor and comedian Felix Herngren and his daughter Fanny. Together with Mattias, Felix and Fanny were taking part in a conservation project in Greece focused on saving the endangered loggerhead sea turtle.


You can still watch all the episodes here! (Only in Swedish)













Mattias Klum

Photo: Mattias Klum





Soon time for the fifth episode of "Fridlyst"!

In this episode of "Fridlyst" upcoming Saturday, I am taking Swedish soccer legend Glenn Hysén and his daughter Annie to search for elephants and to help anti-poaching patrols in Tanzania.


Photo: SVT




Don't miss the fourth intriguing episode of Fridlyst this saturday, where Mattias is taking the Swedish actress Maria Lundqvist and her son to search for wild chimpanzees.


Watch recent episodes of Fridlyst here! (Only in Swedish)




Mattias Klum

Photo: SVT



Mattias Klum at IUCN's World Conservation Congress in Jeju



Mattias Klum, IUCN Goodwill Ambassador talks about the need to communicate the sense

of urgency when we talk about biodiversity loss and nature degradation. He talks about the

future and the nature that his children should be able to explore, protect and

live in harmony with.


Click on this link to watch Mattias at IUCN's congress!

Mattias Klum



Upcoming premiere for Fridlyst


The tv-series Fridlyst with Mattias Klum as host will premiere on the first of September on Swedish television. The first episode will feature Börje Salming and his daughter Theresa helping the orangutans in Borneo together with Mattias.


Watch the teaser! (Only in Swedish)

Mattias Klum

 Börje Salming, Theresa Salming and Mattias Klum      Photo: Carlos Contreras



Mattias Klum to attend IUCN's World Conservation Congress


Held once every four years, IUCN’s World Conservation Congress is the world’s largest and most important conservation event, as well as the birthplace of ground-breaking environmental conventions, scientific discoveries and global initiatives. The 2012 IUCN World Conservation Congress will be held on Jeju Island, Republic of Korea, from 6-15 September.


Featured at Congress, the World Leaders Dialogues will be “prime time” high-level sessions—organized by the Korean Government and the President of IUCN, they will feature exceptional, internationally recognized experts, politicians and CEOs in a series of five moderated public debates tackling the most strategic issues related to conservation and sustainable development themes: nature + biodiversity, nature + climate; nature + people; nature + economy; and nature + food. The interactive World Leaders Dialogues will provide enlightening strategic thinking to guide the implementation of pragmatic solutions for a sustainable future for our planet.


Read more.


Official website.




Mattias Klum




Bioactive Compounds from Natural Sources available at congress in New York


Mattas Klum was co-author on a chapter concerning strategies and methods for a sustainable search for bioactive compounds in a book called Bioactive Compounds from Natural Sources that will be available at the International Congress on Natural Products Research in New York this weekend. It is however also available online.


Find it here.














Mattias Klum



Go on safari with Mattias Klum!


The swedish travel agency Äventyrsresor will sell exclusive trips where people can join Mattias in the field to see how he works. Mattias will share advice on photography, stories from his travels around the world and his work in preserving the planet we all share.


Find out more here. (Only in swedish)

Mattias Klum



Mattias Klum on Newscientist.com


An image from The Human Quest was featured on Newscientist.com's "Picture of the Day" - the snub-nosed monkey. Mattias tell us about finding this rare species in the mountains of China. 


Read the article here.


Mattias Klum



Ermenegildo Zegna features exclusive Mattias Klum films online


Mattias Klum and his team travelled to Trivero in northern Italy in the fall of 2011 to capture the beauty and the story of Oasi Zegna, a park in the mountains surrounding the Zegna Wool Mill where Ermenegildo Zegna has financed a massive reforestation.  


Watch the films here.

Mattias Klum

  Trivero, Italy    Photo: Mattias Klum



Interview with Mattias Klum about Fridlyst in Swedish press


Fridlyst is an upcoming television show where Mattias Klum will guide six well known Swedes to different endangered animals around the world, to make all of us aware of the importance of a rich biodiversity.


""Everyone can make a difference." It all sounds very well, but what can Jason Diakité, Maria Lundqvist, Börje Salming, Felix Herngren, Anders Jansson och Glenn Hysén actually do to help these animals?

- You don't have to be as powerful as Barack Obama, this series shows that anyone can make a difference, regardless of position in life. Everyone can change their decisions to make a difference. You can choose not to buy products with palm oil from endangered rainforests, for example. It's about bridging the gap. We show that there is so much on this planet to care about."


Read full article here. (Only in swedish)





Mattias Klum

Annie and Glenn Hysén with Mattias Klum.                  Photo: Carlos Contreras



Lecture at Hagainitiativet


Mattias Klum will together with Professor Johan Rockström give a lecture on the 6th of September during a conference called "Klimatstrategidagen 2012" concerning climate strategies, held in Stockholm, Sweden.


Read more (in swedish).

Mattias Klum




Book launch and exhibition in Rio de Janeiro


In context of the High-Level Dialogue on Global Sustainability in Rio de Janeiro the book and the exhibition The Human Quest, was successfully launched to world Leading scientists, Policy makers and H.R.H. King Carl XVI Gustaf and H.M. Queen Silvia of Sweden. The High-Level Dialogue was organized by The Brazilian Foundation for Sustainable Development and the United Nations Secretary-General’s High-level Panel on Global Sustainability.

In Rio 1992 one of the main organizers of the UN Conference on the Environment was the Mayor of Rio de Janeiro, Mr Israel Klabin now President of The Brazilian Foundation for Sustainable Development and honorable host for the evening.


The authors Johan Rockström and Mattias Klum presented the book together with Niclas Kjellström-Matseke, CEO of the Swedish Postcode Lottery. The Swedish Postcode Lottery is the main supporter to the book and the exhibition.


Nobel Laureates, members of the UN Secretary General’s High-level Panel on Global Sustainability, The Elders and various stakeholders incl. Mattias Klum developed a science-based Declaration on global sustainability that was launched on 18 June and presented to the Heads of State and Government on 21 June.





Mattias Klum

Israel Klabin, Johan Rockström, Mattias Klum and Achim Steiner during book launch in Rio de Janeiro.




NG Live Lecture in Sydney


Later this year, Mattias Klum and two other National Geographic photographers will give lectures at the Sydney Opera House in Australia.

Mattias will talk about his travels to the Galapagos, Iceland's glaciers and about the rainforests of Asia.


Click here to read more.

Sydney Opera House.

Mattias Klum




The Human Quest available as ebook


The Human Quest is now available as an ebook and features exclusive video clips by Mattias Klum. The ebook version is available on the iBookstore and other selected retailers.

In its enhanced ebook format, the content of The Human Quest comes to life through dramatic pictures and videos, and is thereby the first book of its kind to merge science with photos and film clips.







Mattias Klum




Upcoming book launch for The Human Quest


In less than two weeks, The Human Quest will be officially launched at the Rio+20 UN Conference on Sustainable Development (Earth Summit 2012). The book launch event will take place alongside a high level roundtable providing world leaders with strategic guidance and science-based support for a transition to global sustainability, organized by the Stockholm Resilience Centre in collaboration with Fundação Brasileira para o Desenvolvimento Sustentável (FBDS) directed by Israel Klabin. A new traveling exhibition based on the book’s contents will also be unveiled during the events.





















Mattias Klum

The Human Quest cover



Fridlyst - Endangered Animals in Focus


This autumn Mattias Klum will guide six well known Swedes to different endangered animals around the world, to make all of us aware of the importance of a rich biodiversity.

Jason Diakité, Maria Lundqvist, Börje Salming, Felix Herngren, Anders Jansson and Glenn Hysén will all bring along a family member on their travels. Together with Mattias Klum they will embark on a unique journey to some of the Earth's most inaccessible and remote locations.

Release at Swedish Television, SVT, in September.

Read more (in swedish).

Mattias Klum

Jason Diakité and Mattias Klum.       Photo: Carlos Contreras



Message for Rio+20


We are the first generation with the knowledge that humanity has become a force capable of undermining the capacity of Earth to support human prosperity. This is, relatively speaking, a new insight and therefore a formidable privilege, but it is also a colossal responsibility...


Read Mattias Klum's message for Rio+20

Mattias Klum




Mattias Klum exhibit in Italy


From May 20, 2012, Mattias Klum's exhibit "Long Live the Panda", will be shown at Casa Zegna in Trivero, Italy.

Located in the mountainous region of the Qinling (China) in a watershed between the Yangtze and Yellow River, "Panda Corridor Project" has more than one third of existing pandas in the world and is one of the 200 eco-regions declared by the WWF as one of the richest for biodiversity. The project is supported from Fondazione Zegna since 2004. 

Mattias Klum

Photo: Mattias Klum



Mattias Klum donates to auction in support of World Childhood Foundation


Experience the South African wilderness with Mattias Klum, exploring the scenic environment, culture and wildlife, including an “Up and Close” photo shoot. Winners will also enjoy 5 unforgettable nights of luxury at the Thanda Private Game Reserve in northern Zululand. The liveBID will close at 12 noon EST on Tuesday, May 8, 2012 to be part of a live auction that night. Click here for more information, or contact info@charitybuzz.com or 212-243-3900 with any questions.


Proceeds will benefit World Childhood Foundation, founded by H.M. Queen Silvia of Sweden, with over 100 projects in 16 countries working with child victims of abuse, families at risk, children in alternative care and street children. Thank you for your support! 

Mattias Klum



Mattias Klum Interviewed at Up to Date, Kansas City


During Mattias lecture in Kansas City he was interviewed by Steve Kraske at kcur.org.
Listen to the interview here

Mattias Klum



Mattias Klum presentation and exhibit for econsense in Berlin


On May 21, 2012, in honor of the International Day of Biodiversity 2012, Mattias will present a multimedia lecture and photographic exhibit as part of an event being organized by econsense, entitled "Biodiversity Adventure". In collaboration with key scientists, businesses, and the National Geographic Global Exploration Fund of Northern Europe, the evening will address how to better preserve biodiversity, and use it more sustainably. The event will be held at the Natural History Museum of Berlin, and the exhibit will travel afterwards to Volkswagen headquarters, where it will be on display for two months. 

Mattias Klum



Backstage Interview with Mattias Klum


See a backstage interview with Mattias Klum during National Geographic Live at Epcor Centre, Calgary.

Mattias Klum

Photo: Epcor Centre



Close Up Shot with a Cobra


Here's a glimpse from Mattias Klum's National Geographic Magazine photo assignment on venom, shot last summer in Vietnam and now being made into a television program to air on National Geographic Channel.



Mattias Klum




View trailer for Mattias Klum's new book


Mattias Klum and Johan Rockström will release a new book in June 2012, entitled The Human Quest: Prospering Within Planetary Boundaries.

To learn more, please visit the website at: www.thehumanquest.org or view the book trailer here






















Mattias Klum

The Human Quest Cover



Mattias Klum lecture tour in US and Canada


From April 21-May 4, Mattias will be on a lecture tour with National Geographic Live, giving ten talks to more than 10,500 people in Kansas City, Calgary, Seattle, Bellingham and Los Angeles combined. For most venues, he will present his signature lecture "Being There: On Expedition with National Geographic". In Seattle, Klum will be joined by Prof. Johan Rockström for a special series of joint lectures based on ideas from their new book The Human Quest: Prospering Within Planetary Boundaries, which will be published in June.

For more information on individual events by Mattias Klum or to buy tickets online, please visit:

Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts, Kansas City, April 23
Epcor Center, Calgary, April 25
Seattle Symphony, Benaroya Hall, Seattle, April 29-30 and May 1
Mount Baker Theater, Bellingham WA, May 2
The Broad Stage, Los Angeles, May 3

Mattias Klum




Mattias Klum to participate in PUP 2012 in London


From March 26-29, Mattias Klum Tierra Grande will participate in Planet Under Pressure 2012, a major international conference focusing on solutions to the global sustainability challenge. The conference aims to provide a comprehensive update of the pressure planet Earth is now under, discuss solutions at all scales to move societies on to a sustainable pathway, and provide scientific leadership towards the 2012 UN Conference on Sustainable Development - Rio+20.

Mattias Klum Tierra Grande and Stockholm Resilience Centre will have an exhibit in the data visualization mezzanine to promote the widely anticipated book, The Human Quest: Prospering Within Planetary Boundaries, written by Mattias Klum and Johan Rockström, with Foreword by President Bill Clinton. Stockholm Resilience Center will also have a stand throughout the conference, and the book will be officially launched at the Rio+20 Earth Summit in June.

For more information on the conference: www.planetunderpressure2012.net

Mattias Klum




Mattias Klum and Ermenegildo Zegna in new partnership


Mattias Klum will act as an ambassador and "test pilot" for Ermenegildo Zegna's new line of high quality watches. The Monterubello "Solo Tempo" by Girard Perregaux is the first timepiece to arrive. The Monterubello watch bears the name of the mountain where Mattias and his team produced film and still photography artwork that has been exhibited at the Triennale di Milano and at the Oasi Zegna showroom in Trivero.


Click here for more information.

Mattias Klum

Photo: zegna.com



Mattias Klum is Jury Member for Photoforchange


“Photoforchange in Europe – Sustainable living in changing economy” is the European-wide photo competition organized by City_SEC project partners to inform, sensitize and promote students and citizens, about the themes of energy transition, the greening process of the economy, the reduction of local carbon footprint, with the aim to promote the change towards a more sustainable and environmental friendly living throughout Europe. Mattias Klum will participate on the jury, along with Stefano Hunteteener and Roberto Caccurri.

Click here for more information or to enter the competition. 

Mattias Klum




IUCN welcoming HRH Prince Carl Philip


This week IUCN welcomed HRH Prince Carl Philip of Sweden as their new Patron of Nature. Accompanied by IUCN Goodwill Ambassador Mattias Klum, HRH Prince Carl Philip met with IUCN Director General Julia Marton-Lefèvre at their Swiss headquarters to explore ways of developing a relationship that will help global conservation efforts.

Mattias Klum




Baltic Sea Film Project


We are now getting closer to fully unveiling the epic 55 minute TV production about the Baltic Sea that will be released December 2012.


Watch "work-in-progress" trailer

Mattias Klum




Film Festival Screens "The Testament of Tebaran"


On Saturday February 11th, Norway's Human Rights Human Wrongs Documentary Film Festival will screen Mattias Klum's documentary The Testament of Tebaran as part of the festival's "Business and Human Rights" segment. The film will be shown following a debate on the contradiction between the Norwegian government's support for projects that save the rainforest while Norwegian pension funds continue to invest in highly damaging oil palm plantations.  

Mattias Klum




Palm Oil Report Airs January 25 on NRK 1


Beginning at 19:45 on January 25, Norway Public Television NRK will broadcast a special report on palm oil in consumer products and its consequences for the rain forests. Among the footage shown will be an excerpt from Mattias Klum's 2011 documentary "The Testament of Tebaran". We encourage you to tune in to NRK 1 if you can! 


View program

Mattias Klum

Photo: Mattias Klum



Sweden's 100 Most Environmentally Influential People


Johan Rockström tops the list of the "100 most influential people when it comes to environmental work in Sweden". Mattias Klum ended up as number 8 this year.


See the full list.

Mattias Klum



The Photo Society


The Photo Society now featuring National Geographic contract photographer and Fellow Mattias Klum.

We are a group of contributing photographers for National Geographic Magazine, committed to telling the world’s stories through pictures. 

Mattias Klum




Mattias Klum Exhibit at Visualization Center C


On January 21, 2012 Mattias Klum will present the world premiere of his exhibit "WATER: A World of Life" at Visualization Center C in Norrköping, Sweden. Based in part on Klum's 2011 documentary film "The Coral Eden", the exhibit explores through breathtaking imagery one of the most pristine and biodiverse coral reefs on Earth, in Raja Ampat, West Papua, Indonesia. Home to over 1,500 different species of fish and more than 500 species of coral, the underwater world of Raja Ampat shows us how a healthy ecosystem functions and inspires us to reduce human impacts, harvest our oceans sustainably, and preserve our seas for future generations. The exhibit will be on display until August 19, 2012.

Mattias Klum

Photo: Mattias Klum


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