Terra Magna Foundation


Your story can change the world! The Terra Magna Foundation supports tidings that can make the Earth a better place to live. The world, the planet that is the very basis for all life – for us, for you, for animals and nature – the Earth that has always been there is now in the process of being destroyed. It is not as self-evident for our children and grandchildren and great-grandchildren as it has been for us.

Terra Manga Foundation


We can choose to rely upon the chance that our politicians will come to an agreement and sort out the problems and possibilities. We can also realize that the real power is in the hands of those who have the ability to spread knowledge and influence opinion, the ability to tell stories and move us in such a way that other people will join with them. And be convinced. If we are to spread the most important message in the world, then storytelling and the degree to which we are affected by this storytelling must increase, in scope as well as tempo. That is why the Terra Magna Foundation has been started. To stimulate the development of powerful stories that give people the strength to take new steps every day towards a sustainable society. A society that will still be there tomorrow. We must tell how it is. And we must do so now.



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