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Our vision is for our publications to contribute towards the creation of a more sustainable world for many generations to come.

Business Model
We publish Swedish and foreign fiction and non-fiction, as well as factual prose. Our publications are produced with the highest environmental concern possible, regarding choice of paper, printers, ink, varnish and transport. We guarantee exceptional quality in content, design, pre-press and printing, through a carefully selected network of competent partners and providers. All of our publications are created in harmonious collaboration with our writers, editors, designers and publishers.

Our ambition is to make sustainable choices when it comes to the environment, justice and economy. Through extensive research from a wide range of sources, we generate as much awareness and knowledge as possible about this process, taking a number of important issues into consideration. We do our best to be kind to nature, and we maintain high demands on our partners and suppliers so that  production on all levels is environmentally sustainable. We have many qualified printers in our network that are specialized in eco-friendly high-quality printing, and we only work with paper mills that contribute to and share our vision of a sustainable society.

Mattias Klum





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